CCM Oversight

Providing oversight is a core responsibility of the Country Coordinating Mechanisms. The CCMs have the unique responsibility to orchestrate the overall country management of Global Fund grants. In the CCM oversight process, the PR has a responsibility to provide timely, updated reports to the CCM; the CCM has a responsibility to review these reports, analyze the information received, and provide guidance to the PR(s) on grant implementation.

The Oversight Committee members are as follows:

  • Government – Dr Inder Prakash, DDG (PH)
  • Academic/ Educational/ Research Institutions- Dr. Rohit Sarin, Director, NITRD
  • Multilateral – Dr. Nicole Simone Seguy, Senior Technical Advisor, WHO
  • KAP- Tuberculosis – Mr. Md Hashmat Rabbani, Secretary, Gramin Samaj Kalyan Vikas Manch, Jharkhand
  • PLWD (TB) – Ms. T. Mercy Annapoorani, Rainbow Foundation
  • Non CCM Member – Dr. Sangeeta Kaul, USAID
  • Non CCM Member – Dr. Reuben Swamickan, USAID
  • Non CCM Member – Ms. Kavita Singh, Director Finance (NHM)
  • Non CCM Member – Mr. S. A Khan, General manager (Procurement), CMSS
  • Non CCM Member – Ms. Sanghamitra Iyengar
  • Non CCM Member – Ms. Shampa Nag
  • Non CCM Member – Mr. Bobby Singh Jayanta


Download ICCM Oversight Plan

Download CCM Oversight Guidance Paper


1. Minutes – Oversight Committee meeting.


2. Oversight Committee visits