The Global Fund has changed its funding model in order to make a bigger impact on the three diseases. The new funding model was designed to have predictable funding, to reward ambitious vision, to work on more flexible timings and with a smoother, shorter process that ensures a higher success rate of applications.

  • Bigger Impact – By focusing more resources on countries with the highest disease burden and the lowest ability to pay, partners can reach more people affected by the diseases.
  • Predictable funding – By introducing the idea of an .allocation. for each country that meets the eligibility requirements, the Global Fund can provide predictable funding, and will communicate the financing levels to countries up front.
  • reward ambitious vision – It rewards ambitious vision by having a pool of competitive .incentive. funding available, to allocate additional funds to funding requests that make a powerful case for impact based on their national strategic plan or investment case. As more funds become available the Global Fund will be able to award further grants for ambitious unfunded requests.
  • Flexible time – Another big change is to move away from the rounds-based competition with a set application date, and allow countries to apply at a flexible time that meets their own national schedules, within the 2014-2016 timeframe.


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