About India CCM

The India Country Coordinating Mechanism (India-CCM) was established by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and other relevant and interested stakeholders, in order to access Global Fund grant monies, ensure those funds were well-coordinated within the national response, and provide national oversight and ownership of grant implementation.

The India-CCM represents a multi-stakeholder partnership of governmental, non-governmental, and development partner entities and operates on a voluntary basis.

The goal of the India-CCM is to strengthen measures to fight HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria in India through multi-sectoral coordination and effective and inclusive dialogue among appropriate stakeholders, including key affected populations and persons living with the diseases.

One of the core responsibilities of the India-CCM is to ensure compliance with the Global Fund Eligibility Requirements and Minimum Standards. It shall also strive to implement the Global Fund guidelines and directives for CCMs


The mandate of the India-CCM is to:

  • Coordinate development of concept notes and their endorsement for submission under the New Funding Model of the Global Fund.
  • Nominate Principal Recipients (PRs) for implementation of the Global Fund grants;
  • Provide oversight to all Global Fund supported programs; and,
  • Manage and mitigate all conflict of interest issues, especially in relation to concept note submission, PR nomination, and grant oversight.